At the inception of Viken Shipping AS in 1993, the following ambition and business concept was defined as the fundament for its shipping investment strategy:


Build a strong and profitable shipping operation and stay as a well performing player in the Shipping industry in a long time perspective.

Basis concept and main business idea:

To be a first class provider of high quality vessels on long term charter arrangements with reputable and good credit risk charterers.

Basic requirements:

  • First class technical management performance
  • Financial capability to acquire and maintain high quality vessels
  • Defined fleet volume with "rolling" residual value exposure

Viken's relationships with its customers and suppliers, are developed on the basis of a policy of long term, fully transparent, reliable and trustful partnership-like cooperation.

This industrial strategy, focused on investments in high quality assets on the basis of long term lease arrangements with reputable and good credit risk customers, has been consistently adhered to and applied by the Viken Shipping Group as its ruling policy not only in respect of its shipowning activities, but also for its ventures into real estate investments.

The recognition of "first class technical management performance" as a fundamental strategic prerequisite to achieve Viken's ambition, was the decisive motivation for the acquisition of the Wallem Group in 2006.